October 25, 2004


Sorry about the time between posts -

All of the commissions are cleared out, and from what it looks like, we fell a little short of the month goal, but nothing is ever wasted. The whole experience was awesome! I'm gonna try again for November, I just need to work out some particulars.

Be back in a few with some art and some wrap-ups.

Thanks everybody!

October 20, 2004

Thoughts - Deep and Otherwise

Wow, man.

October is closer to over than just beginning, and JAMARATHON has been awesome. Today I had a commission to do, but they were supposed to send me a sketchbook and I haven't gotten it yet! So I'm taking the day to get some of these pieces ready for the mail. I'm still a little backlogged, so you'll be getting your pieces soon.

Now, I have a few new interestsin commissions (Get at me in email!), but there's still a few days left in October not spoken for. I wanna change that.

My initial goal for JAMARATHON was to fill October. I'm REAAAAL close, I can smell it. But being so close I'm now thinking about November. Why stop now? November is actually Diabetes Awareness Month, and it just makes sense for me to keep going for the month of November.

I'm gonna have to go back out and beat the pavement some more to drum up more support and interest in this. To all that have been looking out so far, thanks SO much! To all the bloggers, psst-hey-you's, and yo-checkitouts, I really, really appreciate it. I hope when you guys start recieving your pieces, you'll tell your friends. I haven't really talked about the diabetes-part of this little project, so I'll start down below. Read if you care to.

(Cue in soft piano)
I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 1993, and even though I've gone through a million stages with this disease, I haven't 'beaten' it. You can't, really - just keep it under control. I've lost weight in the past year, tho I was never a superheavy guy... they tell you that exercise, diet and yadda yadda helps alot. When I lost weight (Around 30 lbs) earlier last year, I actually felt worse than usual - I think my body was so used to being at a certain size, when the extra weight left it was like 'hold up yo - we don't like this' And my sugar levels actually got higher. I've been getting better lately, which is good, but just like everything in life - it ain't easy.

Stress plays a huge part on your blood sugar when you're diabetic, so laying off the candy bars doesn't make you automatically OK like some people think. My doctor has told me on more than one occassion that I'm REAL close to being put on insulin (the shots!) if my sugar doesn't come down. Sometimes the body just can't do any more than it can do, and I'm really trying to fight this, and every days a new fight. I'm now thinking about the next ten years of my life now and what I need to do (or not do) to make sure I get there in one piece. That's a snippet of why JAMARATHON is so important to me. If doing this gets a few people to learn something about this, then we all win.

Ah, that's enough of that for now. Here's some news you can use!

Here's some myths that these sites below dispel, and also just good info to know to shed more light on the disease - so maybe you can make better choices around your friends or family and educate yourselves and others. There's nothing worse than having people around you who don't understand what diabetes is when you have it, and make uninformed opinions or statements to your healthcare. Here's two of my favorite arguments:

(Gleaned from the sites below)
Eating too much sugar causes diabetes

No. Diabetes is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, being overweight does increase your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, so if you have a history of diabetes in your family, a healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended to control your weight.

People with diabetes can't eat sweets or chocolate

Sweets are no more out of bounds to people with diabetes than they are to the rest of us, if eaten as part of a healthy diet, or combined with exercise. And people who take certain tablets or insulin to treat their diabetes may sometimes need to eat high-sugar foods to prevent their blood glucose levels falling too low.

Some links on diabetes myths and other info:


Till tomorrow.

October 19, 2004

Jamar and Matt for Fabricari!

WHEW! A breather!

Sorry I haven't been more chatty on here - I've been running round for the last few weeks going insane (In a good way) Sometimes art is harder to produce when you're not in the right mindframe, and you really have to warm up or be properly motivated to get things moving. I had a good night last night, and I feel good, so here's some blahblah.

For all of you new Jamar types out there, When I first got into publishing comics, my first book was called THE JAMAR CHRONICLES, the story of myself, on a mission to save the world through dimensional world-saving escapdes. The dimensional 'key' was a talking doormat named, well, Matt. I swear to god Dora the Explorer ripped my stuff off, with the talking Map, and the backpack and all that, but you know how it is - it's 'coincidence'. JC started in 97 - there wasn't any Dora then.

Ahem. Well anyway, here's a lil rough of me and Matt - all cartooned out for my man Fabricari. Go check fab out at www.comicsindependent.com or www.fabricari.com - he's one of my good close personal friends. THANKS FAB!

new sketches!

So here's two roughs from the weekend. One was the Saturday Sailor Moon for Jeff, and there was a secret squirrel for Sunday that I'm not gonna show. Today was a monkey for my pal Steve.

Sailor Moon drove me crazy. I fixed the eyes (DAMN THOSE EYES!) in the final. Idunno how the anime types draw those wacky eyes all day, man.

She is the one named SAILOR MOON!
. . . .
This monkey is well-read. You can tell.
I have another secret squirrel for today (Tuesday) but I'll be back today to put SOMETHING up.
Oh yeah - 8 slots still open! Give me an email and let's close out October right with art!

October 15, 2004

Da Devils in da Details

for my man Colin, roughs for his Daredevil piece. I need to work out his midsection and pull that belt up. Ha, I keep it hip hop, even on Daredevil.

October 13, 2004

Jamar and the Bear

From yesterdays commission: Here's rough blues for my man Jeff Kilpatricks piece.
Jeff is a good pal of mine, and a Philly native and man of the people. He also runs the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society, which I am a proud member of.

Saddling up to the bar.

Wizard needs Ink... badly!

For my main man Lennart, checking in from Germany, a little sci-fi wizardry. I'm having a lot of fun on this one:

I'll be back in a little bit. I have some more stuff to scan from yesterday.

October 11, 2004

Sista GL

Version One of my man Rasmanes' Green Lantern Commission.


A few things:

People who were commissioned from last week and before should get their commissions mailed out this week.

If I didn't tell you your commission date of your piece, I will today. I got behind with my correspondance because I've been living at the art table, so today I'll make up for that by hitting you guys up with that info. Thanks again for the love!

I've got some fun ones to draw this week. I have superheroes to do, notably a Green Lantern you've never seen before, a Daredevil and other fun!

As counted, I have 23 slots for October, and need 8 more to get to the October goal - it's not too late! Tell your man about JAMARATHON, and get on the bus. I'm having a lot of fun on the commissions, and I'll be posting more look-sees today and the rest of the week.

As always, if you have any questions, hit me up at jamar@jamarnicholas.com. I'm going to be back in a little bit with some sneak-peeks at today's piece.


October 04, 2004

Manic Monday

Hey ya'll. How was your weekend?
So far so good. I'm three commissions in, and I feel good. I got a buncha emails this weekend about JAMARATHON! especially from people supporting the project by dropping links all over the known world. Later today I'll post a note with their links. Man, some people are OK.
In other news, Even though I'm already in the middle of this thing, I'm still accepting commissions! I believe that I have, at last count Saturday, 21 booked spots. For me to reach my October goal I need 10 more. Come on, let's make it happen! shout me at jamar@jamarnicholas.com and hook it up.
More later on.

October 02, 2004

The Skull I Drew: Electric Boogaloo

Yo all - what's going on.
Ah yes - Saturdays. The day of sleeping in late, getting up early, chores, sweatpants and sketches!

"I can't live without my RADDIOOOOOOOO"

Working on this for my man Scott Kurtz, for bringing an insane amount of eyes to my project. Col-Erase Blue pencil, and regular, like, pencil over that. Still has some ways to go.

Check out PvP at www.pvponline.com (like you didn't know that already) and a SPECIAL DOOKIE SHOUTOUT goes to my editor in chief over at the 'shoot, CHRIS RYALL, who put the word out about Jamarathon as well! You guys are gonna make me blush. Hey, go to www.moviepoopshoot.com while you're at it. You'll see the site that Chris built, and there's also some comics over there by yours truly.

October 01, 2004

AAAAAAND we're off!

Tools of the trade

Well, the first day has come and gone and was a success. I didn't get clearance to show the piece I drew, but tomorrows shouldn't be a problem. Stay tuned! If I get the nod from commissioner #1, I'll post this weekend.


I'm still setting up for today, but a little later check back and see what I'm up to.

Until then, here's an interesting color comp of a Black Daredevil (Complete with 80's thin ponytail)

I'm sure Mario Van Peeples would be all over that role.

September 29, 2004

Some sketchbook stuff, + Props Due

First off, thanks to my boys Mike Wieringo, the super artist of Marvels Fantastic Four and everything else that is right and good in the world, as well as Scott Kurtz, the mad scientist behind PvP, who dropped a link on their readers to check this project out. Also big ups to everybody who's been linking me up, like my ace Fabricari, over at comicsindependent.com, Comic-doms' first Deb, Kelly Sue at her personal site, Mike Norton, the master of the pencil, and artist from the future, and everybody else who's been getting the word out. RUN-ON SENTENCES! The first of the month is coming fast! And you know what THAT means.

Since a lot of you have never seen my hip-hop & graffiti-inspired stuff, I decided I'd drop a few sketchbook things off here. Here's some marker sketches done just to do them.

Link from Legend of Zelda, for you gamers out there.

Check out some of the cats who have dedicated to help me get the JAMARATHON off the ground:
More soon!

September 28, 2004


I am going to be sending out Paypal reminders to those who have requested to come aboard the JAMARATHON train. Look for one today from me if you requested a commission and haven't paid yet.


September 26, 2004

REMINDER: Jamar on Fanboy Radio tonight!

Fanboy Radio

APPEARANCE: Fanboy Radio tonight!
Hey, just a reminder to let allya'll know that I'll be on tonight, talking about JAMARATHON and comics, and Boogaloo and other stuff, along with my good pal Sean McKeever, writer of all things cool like Marvels MARY JANE, SENTINEL, and indy dream THE WAITING PLACE (Vol 2 drawn by my ace Mike Norton!)

Yo, it'll be fun, and I'll try not to curse. I got bleeped twice last time I was on.

Go to the site and get the haps.


September 24, 2004

Getting the ball rolling. . .

Wow. A day or so in, and I've already got 10 days filled on the JAMARATHON October Calendar! I really appreciate it, but let's keep going!

My first benchmark is to fill the whole month of October with commissions... we're off to a great start! This is a great way to get some art, maybe fill in some early holiday gift ideas (Didn't think of that, huh?) help a cause, and watch me run to the finish line without putting on cleats. AWESOME.

APPEARANCE: Fanboy Radio on 9/26
Hey, I'm going to be on Fanboy Radio, the super-hot internet comics radio show created just for covering the world of comics! I'll be on this Sunday, talking about JAMARATHON and getting the word out. Hope you listen in - you may learn something before you're done.

September 23, 2004


Ok, now this is a interesting one.

I had this idea: What would happen if I drew one commission a day until I ran out of commissions to draw, for charity? "Word?" you say? Well, that is where JAMAR-ATHON 2004 (See? It's like 'Jamar' with 'Marathon' in it! Two great tastes that taste great together!) was born. So here's my idea:

Starting October 1st, 2004, I am going to create a commissioned art piece from YOU THE LOYAL READERS in a first come, first serve basis, and chronicle all of this on my website, blog or livejournal to let everybody see where I'm at. My goal as it stands, is to get 31 commissions to cover the month of October, but if we keep going, THEN WE KEEP GOING! Wherever you fall in line, is what day I draw your piece.

My super-duper goal is to clear December 31st, but that's really up to you all. A huge chunk of the proceeds of this marathon will go to the American Diabetes Association, because that's my charity of choice, and because if you didn't know this already, I have it myself, along with all of my adult relatives. If I can do anything to help these guys find a cure for this, I'm gonna try.

American Diabetes Association:

So here's the clear-cuts:


1 Character, full-body, limited background. If you want more than one character, thats another piece entirely (Or you can inquire and we can work something out). I'd love if everybody would ask me to draw Boogaloo or another one of my characters, but I'm not that vain. Whatever it is, name it. So if you want me to draw your second baby's mama, it's gonna look like your second baby's mama drawn in JAMARVISION(tm)!

All pieces will be drawn on Bristol board, 11x14". If you want a color piece, I'll probably draw it on a different type of paper, for better color effect.

Penciled piece: $25
Pencils,Inked: $40
Pencils, Inked, Color: $75

To get on board, email me at jamar@jamarnicholas.com, subject 'JAMARATHON!' and tell me what you'd like done, and I'll give you a calendar date that I will be working on your piece. I'll then give you info on how to submit payment, and you're golden!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I wanna do this as a test of artistic endurance, and for a good cause. I hope you'll get involved!