March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me and other madness

Whattup ya'll! Just popping in to give you some linky goodness, then bounce. It's how I'm rolling today.

Today's my birthday, so when we look back on this day in history, at least they can say I blogged. That's gotta count for something right?

Well here's some stuff for you.

In the land of Detective Boogaloo, I updated the site with a lovely birthday card from my pal Mike Wieringo.

In the land of the Fat Wonder Woman Blog, well, I haven't done anything yet, but I will. In a minute. Don't rush me!

In the land of Tokyopop, the ends of the third volume of THE GROSSE ADVENTURES is on my table. That should be done soon-soon.

In the land of other stuff, well . . . other stuff is going on. Can't tell you yet.

Oh yeah! Thanks for you all who came and saw me at the NY Comic Con. Fun was had, and I even had a impromptu signing at the UVC MAGAZINE booth - a new comic magazine that's going to cover the black voice in comics and pop culture. Look for some big news from my camp on them soon.

I'll have more plugs soon, but chew on that for now.