September 24, 2004

Getting the ball rolling. . .

Wow. A day or so in, and I've already got 10 days filled on the JAMARATHON October Calendar! I really appreciate it, but let's keep going!

My first benchmark is to fill the whole month of October with commissions... we're off to a great start! This is a great way to get some art, maybe fill in some early holiday gift ideas (Didn't think of that, huh?) help a cause, and watch me run to the finish line without putting on cleats. AWESOME.

APPEARANCE: Fanboy Radio on 9/26
Hey, I'm going to be on Fanboy Radio, the super-hot internet comics radio show created just for covering the world of comics! I'll be on this Sunday, talking about JAMARATHON and getting the word out. Hope you listen in - you may learn something before you're done.

September 23, 2004


Ok, now this is a interesting one.

I had this idea: What would happen if I drew one commission a day until I ran out of commissions to draw, for charity? "Word?" you say? Well, that is where JAMAR-ATHON 2004 (See? It's like 'Jamar' with 'Marathon' in it! Two great tastes that taste great together!) was born. So here's my idea:

Starting October 1st, 2004, I am going to create a commissioned art piece from YOU THE LOYAL READERS in a first come, first serve basis, and chronicle all of this on my website, blog or livejournal to let everybody see where I'm at. My goal as it stands, is to get 31 commissions to cover the month of October, but if we keep going, THEN WE KEEP GOING! Wherever you fall in line, is what day I draw your piece.

My super-duper goal is to clear December 31st, but that's really up to you all. A huge chunk of the proceeds of this marathon will go to the American Diabetes Association, because that's my charity of choice, and because if you didn't know this already, I have it myself, along with all of my adult relatives. If I can do anything to help these guys find a cure for this, I'm gonna try.

American Diabetes Association:

So here's the clear-cuts:


1 Character, full-body, limited background. If you want more than one character, thats another piece entirely (Or you can inquire and we can work something out). I'd love if everybody would ask me to draw Boogaloo or another one of my characters, but I'm not that vain. Whatever it is, name it. So if you want me to draw your second baby's mama, it's gonna look like your second baby's mama drawn in JAMARVISION(tm)!

All pieces will be drawn on Bristol board, 11x14". If you want a color piece, I'll probably draw it on a different type of paper, for better color effect.

Penciled piece: $25
Pencils,Inked: $40
Pencils, Inked, Color: $75

To get on board, email me at, subject 'JAMARATHON!' and tell me what you'd like done, and I'll give you a calendar date that I will be working on your piece. I'll then give you info on how to submit payment, and you're golden!

If you have any questions, please let me know. I wanna do this as a test of artistic endurance, and for a good cause. I hope you'll get involved!