November 10, 2006

In Philly tonight? 11/10? OH WORD?! Come see me!

Come see me and other philly cats on the wall!


This show of various artworks is the culmination of a
year's work put forth by the Philadelphia Cartoonist
Society. "Will Draw For Love" is both the namesake of
this eclectic collection of works and the title of the
PCS's sophomore publishing effort. The exhibit will
feature works from more than a dozen of the areas best
cartoonists, with styles ranging from cartoons and
comics to graffiti and fine art. The group consists of
local artists interested in seeing their work
published as well as lending a hand to help local

Being a grassroots, blue-collar organization, the
Philadelphia Cartoonist Society will have these works
priced to sell. Everything from works on canvas to
works on cardboard will be on display. Along with the
art on the walls there will be copies of the PCS Book
1 and 2 as well as solo published efforts from this
group's talented list of members. Furthermore, there
will be holiday cards for sale that were designed
exclusively by PCS members (with some of the card
proceeds benefiting a local children's charity). There
will also be a performance featuring the musical
stylings of Mr. Bob Dix, a longtime PCS member, and an
interactive "jam piece" to commemorate the evening.
All in attendance will be encouraged to participate.
The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society isn't just about
making art and showing it off, it's about helping the
community, reaching out to area artists and rekindling
the creative spirit in everyone.

Show Opening: November 10th from 7pm - 11PM
At Art at Sophi, 13 th and Carpenter Streets

List of artists displaying: Jeffro Kilpatrick,
Christian "Patch"ell, Christine Larsen, Melissa Lomax,
Kyle Margiotta, Jacob Lambert, Amanda Lewis, Andrew
Hart, Mister G, Marc Damicis, Scott Derby, Jamar
Nicholas, Dave Perillo, Tom Whalen, Trip McKeogh, Bob
Dix and Kristy.


The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society (PCS) is a local,
grass-roots group of artists established in 1997.
Their purpose is to keep inspiration for cartooning
flowing between local artists. They do this by
promoting, sharing employment opportunities, and
offering support and advice for local cartoonists.
Philadelphia Cartoonist Society members love to
barbeque and work on group projects. They also love
to help local charities.

Word. Come through and do that damned thing. I think it's free!

November 09, 2006

Pac Man FEVER!

click on the image for BIGGERIZING!

Just wanted to show a series of kraft-paper bag art I put together. You've seen my other bag-pieces, here's some new ish. I took the 5 images of Pac and the ghosts and butted them together.

I'm thinking about making a glossy color print of this soon, so. . .we'll see. What do you think?

October 05, 2006

More Interesting than Professional Wrestling. . .

I'm still around - just busy as all get-out. Here's a zombie for you to look at. I did it on a post-it. Thus, the telling name.

September 16, 2006

If you're up in Philly tonight. . . 9/16/06

Hey guys -

I'm in a gallery show here in downtown (Center City) Philly for the month, at 2011 Chestnut St. It's a gallery called the ARTAROUND.

It's a group show focusing on comic book creators. This wil be my fourth showing in a gallery, and probably my highest profile to date.

If you're not doing anything Saturday night, stop by for the Artists' reception. It's from 6-9pm, and I'll be there meeting and greeting (and hopefully selling my work off the wall).


Maybe I'll see ya!

September 07, 2006

See Jdot in Bmore OK? LOLWTFTW

What's up ya'll!

I will be a guest at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, held at the (wait for it) Baltimore Convention Center.

In Baltimore.


I will be signing stuff, doing sketches, and being jovial. Stop by and say 'whattup'. I may even give you dap.

I will only be attending Saturday, so if you see a chalk outline at my chair on sunday, I went home, I wasn't killed.

But you never know. I mean... hello. Baltimore.

This is my new "THE!" show. If you live on the east coast, you doing yourself a disservice if you don't come through. EVERYBODY and their mama's gonna be there.


August 27, 2006


Just doing a test with some new program from Google.

I had a very thoughtful blog post that I tried to drop yesterday, but Firefox crashed. That's too bad, now you'll never see it.

Maybe I'll try again, but yunno - it won't be the same.

Maybe we need to see other people. Yeah.  Posted by Picasa

July 20, 2006

Diary of a Hot, Mad Cartoonist

WHATTUP WHATTUP. Dap and Bearhugs to my people/s.

Hear ye:

I have come to the conclusion that I have too many internetty outlets. Which sounds great on paper to the guy on the street who would find it 'neat' to be in the connection of things, I have just spread myself a little too thin. For now, in ONE PLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME ONLY, I will list ALL of my internet portals.

1) This Blog.


3) My OLD AS DIRT LiveJournal Account.

4) MySpace.

5) I even have a mailinglist!

6) The Fat Wonder Woman Blog.

7) Sweatshop Press, the original flavor. (Not 'Flava' - come on, it's 2006.)

8) Detective Boogaloo Dot Com.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a place or two, [OH YEAH! I had a friendster account, but ... cough] but I guess when you line it all up - yeah, that's a lot of updating. S0 when juggling all of these things, SOMETHINGS' not gonna get posted to. Thus, this blog going for days or more without an update. So I'll leave it up to you - what would you like to see me put here? LJamal gave me a complex when I put up something that wasn't art-related, so I'll put it out there:

Should I:

1) Post whatever I feel like, like the early posts, such as Jamar stories or 'outlooks on life'

2) JUST my art. That's it. Just sketches and stuff like that.

3) Hip-Hoppery: More YouTube goodness, fake gold chains, etc.

Let me know what you're into, and it'll give me a direction to go towards.

OH! Oh snap!

My man DT Washington, a brother I knew from WAY BACK in the wayback machine, with Waylon Jennings and Marlon and Damon Wayans, sky sky skypaged me and gave me some nice words about my work and did SOME HOT BOOGALOO SKETCHWORK.

Man, it's the greatest feeling when people like something you created so much, they'd put their time into drawing.

Thanks man! Go check out his blog, and we'll Keep Getting Up.


July 07, 2006

Go check out Ringos' blog

My man Mike Wieringo just dropped the nicest words about me (AND A COOL SKETCH) over at his blog today. Go check it out. He's the bestest!

July 03, 2006


We're LIVE, baby!

Man, I'm real proud of this site, and I hope you all enjoy what I got for you down the line - it's gonna be a wild ride, young nephew!

Let me know what you think!

June 23, 2006

Just a quick hit. . .


Just to let you know, I've been a busy bee lately. Here's some quick hits for you to keep in mind.

NEW BLOG! I know, I have no sense. Go peep the BBWW: Fat Wonder Woman Blog where I post scans of my collection of what it sounds-like.


I've been cleared for landing! I'll be a featured guest at the Baltimore Comic Con in September, so buy your tickets! Don't front! And by the time that comes around, I'll have crazy stuff for you to blow your cash on. And what better than your pal Jamar?

And here's a little somethin' to take you into the weekend. . .

June 21, 2006

Rich Watson Gets Me.

I've roundaboutly known Rich Watson since the beginning of my story in the comics 'industry', which would start in 1997 or so. I bought one of Riches' mini comics, CELEBRITY, at my first SPX and loved it. I also dug that here was another black dood, out here trying to do this comics thing. I later went on to find out there's a lot more of us in the trenches, and that's always good, not for me, but for the industry - having different outlooks and voices opens the world up to new ideas.

Speaking of such, Rich has a very cool blog called GLYPHS, where he writes about African Americans and other people of color in the entertainment (comics mostly) world. He did a review of Detective Boogaloo a year or so ago, and I think he may be the first person to legit GET Boogaloo and write about it on the internets:

". . .All of this is meant to be buildup for me explaining why I like Jamar Nicholas’ strip Detective Boogaloo. It’s an original concept, to begin with – a hip-hop Columbo, basically. But it’s also evocative of what made old-school hip hop fun, within the context of a cops-and-robbers story. Rappers old and new love boasting of their prowess on the mic, to the point where they make themselves at times seem like superheroes, so it’s no big surprise that Boogaloo and his nemesis Ice Tre have superpowers. The art is obviously heavily influenced by graffiti art, an underestimated yet integral component of the hip hop movement back in its nascent period, and I especially love seeing the clothing styles, old and new, represented in the strip (albeit with slightly altered brand names). And while there is a tongue-in-cheek element to the writing, it is impossible to not recognize the love for hip hop – true hip hop, not the artificial kind manufactured by Madison Avenue and MTV and Hollywood and corporate radio – within it as well."

You're good people, man. Go visit his blog and show him love. Also, here's the rest of that blog entry here-just scroll down, cousin.

June 20, 2006


Shee, I live in a time tunnel.

Here's some sketches: A random marker comp on the back of a art supply store bag, and a Boogaloo study, getting those oldschool macked out poses back down.

Im case you didn't know why the doods used to pose in such stiff gestures, you were trying to emulate a grafitti character come to life, thus the freezeframe poses like the B-BOY STANCE and others. Cats still mug for the cameras the same (kinda) but now insteada the peace sign, doods throw up their affiliations.

There's my hip hop moment for the day.

June 06, 2006


It's taken a long time, but it's finally almost here.

Detective is up, and will unlock next month. Please join me on what I hope will be a great, great adventure.

Go lookit the frontpage, and bookmark it. AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS! I need to get my blowup on so I can live like Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire.

June 05, 2006

LINKAGE: Jim Borgman Blog

Just want to get the word out that ultra-awesome cartoonist Jim Borgman has a blog and it's really worth sinking your teeth into if you're a cartoonist, process junkie or just a fan of his work. Jim is the workhorse who produces editorial cartoons for the Cincinatti Enquirer and also co-creates ZITS, in your funny pages every day.

You may recall I interviewed him in DRAW! Magazine a few issues ago, and I think it may have been the smoothest conversation I've had for the magazine. We chatted like teenaged girls for a long time, and I don't have enough words to explain how sincere and humble Jim is.

I hope I don't get slammed for posting these, but that's the internets for you. Go read!

I'll be back soon with a recap of Wizard World, the show I won't set up for, that's in my own city.

June 01, 2006

See? NOW I Gotsta Cut'cha.

Another old spot illustration for a now-dead magazine. Hope that's not a trend! Anyway, can't talk for long, it's crazy busy over here in the land of rainbows and talking mailboxes. Gotta go. Leave me some comments, and maybe I'll see you at WW Philly this weekend! Open Neck No Respect!

May 31, 2006

DITC: DJ Clueless and the perils of Freelancing

Here's some old stuff I did for a music magazine called... um... man, I don't remember what it was called. [Oh yeah, DJ MIXED Magazine. Sez so in my files] All I DO remember is this:

1) I never saw the issue of the magazine when it came out

2) It took them FOREVER + 1 day to pay me.

After I threatened to sic my 'legal representation' on them, they finally coughed up my check. Needless to say I never did more work for them, but thems, unfortunately, are the breaks. It stinks when you do good, QUICK work for clients, then they get all new up on you and forget to pay YOU! The light bill ain't gonna pay itself. I DO remember drawing this on Christmas Eve and Day, because the client NEEDED NEEDED NEEDED IT quickfast. Freelancers don't get vacations, my man. Remember that.

In any event, this was a wordless comic showing our hero going to the music seminar, trying to break into the world of professional (club and turntablism) DJs, and meeting DJ CARL COX, a pretty big fish in the DJ world.

Some of it I thought was funny - most of it has 'huh' moments from the clients script for it, and I was too young to try to help him figure out how to make it flow better. I did what I could and got out of there.

Also at the end here, I added the 'sleeping on the beach' panels from 1 page, as I took them after I did them all and digitally rearranged them. I always liked them. So if you see something repeated, that's why.

May 27, 2006


* Translated into how you're supposed to order a Cheesesteak with Cheese Wiz and Onions in a fine south philly establishment.

Steak = The sandwich you want.

Wiz = Cheese Wiz. Replace 'Wiz' with 'Provolone' if you prefer.

With, or better said 'Wit' = Onions. WITH onions, or Wit'out is NO onions. Come on, you're almost there!
This image is suspect. I believe it was shot at a reputable establishment, but the photographer must be from out of town. no one eats them from the side like that.

As a philadelphian, for what it's worth, an authentic one is supposed to be ordered from under a yellow light, from a window you walk up to. Your local Hardee's or SubWay does NOT make Philly Cheesesteaks. Don't freaking kid yourself.

World's Finest (Like Supes and Bats up here) can be found at these shows. You gotta love 'em though. And it's not that bad. Philly doesn't crawl with the costumed types because they'd be fighting FOR REAL on the Orange Line trying to get to the show in one piece. That's how we do in the 2-1-5.

OH! Also, Wiz World Philly is what me and my people call the Wizard World show that'll be in town next weekend, where you shall see yours truly. I won't be set up, but as usual, if you see me, and want a sketch, I'll do one for you by bogarting someone elses table and sitting right on their girl to do it. I'm just that nice.

Some dood made a song about cheesesteaks. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
. And just in case you wanted to know, go to Tony Lukes. Pat & Geno's is for the drunk and desperate.

And don't ever forget - you order fries from the next window, Not here.

May 24, 2006

Took a coffee break . . .

Here's an old freelance gig - a spot illustration for a magazine long dead now. The colored version of this resides on mt also long dead external hard drive, may it rest in pieces.

May 08, 2006


Ayo, kid - FCBD was TEH AWESOME! I met lots of new friends and fans, and my pals over at Captain Blue Hen do a great job running an event and making the artists feel like gold.

Doing free sketches for the kids is the best part of being able to use this 'ability' that I've worked on - seeing a kid's eyes light up as they watch your magic trick - taking a piece of blank paper and making something happen out of the blue makes it all worth it (See the figure above, who was going insane over the Scarecrow I drew for him).

The kids are definately what fuels me at things like this - it's such a polar opposite of drawing for some collector who just wants to see if you're worth making an ebay auction out of. You can see it in their eyes - they don't care about the magic, it's a commodity, and that sucks. Being at this comic shop last Saturday make me wish that the industry wasn't so bass ackwards.

In any event, more bloggy goodness can be found on my pal Mike Manley's blog and my newer pal and Mike's assistant Bonaia Rosado, who's doing her own thing. (She just had an issue of TMNT just drop, putting tones down over my pal Scott Cohn's art.)

May 02, 2006

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! (Saturday the 6th)

So, for all of you out there on the internets, this Saturday, I'll be taking a part in FREE COMIC BOOK DAY, doing sketches and signing and all that silliness at my favorite comic shop in the whole wide world*Captain Blue Hen Comics** in majestic Newark, Delaware.

If you don't know already, FCBD is where comic shops attempt to get people back into the hobby by giving out comics to the masses - that are made ESPECIALLY for that day, and are yeah, F-R-E-E.

So, yunno, if you thought this was about running up in a shop and boosting an arm full of low-digit Fantastic Fours, you can't.

Well, you could, but. . . yunno, let's just not go there. And don't do it where I'm at, because I don't wanna have to come at you like that. Just behave yourself.

Anyway, come check me out. I'll be out there with some of my East Coast bretheren, doing things real big.

*They didn't pay me to say that. And it may not be my favorite, but it's in the top 3. But, yunno, I never thought about it that much. But you should go anyway, because it's a great store. DO IT! GET IN THE CHOPPA!

**Go Fighting Blue Hens! It's a UDelaware thing, U Wouldn't Understand.

2 good
2 be
4 gotten

April 29, 2006

Yo. Fell off the horse, but I'll be back next week. In the interim, here's my idea of Iron Man's next suit - Break Room Armor.

April 13, 2006


So my good pal Mike Manley, the Monsignor of Mighty Meticulous Masterworks, just released to the masses the new DRAW! Magazine! #12 is here, and I was lucky enough to interview a great talent, MIKE HAWTHORNE in this issue.

Mike Hawthorne is on the blow-up, currently doing HYSTERIA over at Image Comics and making shit you'd wanna read. That says alot these days.

Anyway, go find the issue and enjoy! Mikes marks my third interview, and It's always a blast talking shop with my peers.

April 10, 2006

SWAB: Sip Water and Build

I came up with that phrase a few years ago when I was at San Diego Comic Con with my home-slice Khalid Robertson AKA BIGSTEELO. When everybody else was trying to wild out like Nick Cannon and get all drunk on 8 dollar hotel beers, Khalid asked me what I wanted to do - how I wanted to treat my evening, and I said, "Man, I'm just trying to Sip my water and build".

That's what I'm trying to do right now - just show some of the art from my drawers of sketches that I have, and give a little insight as to what goes through my crowded head. Love to hear what you think, all 10 of you who come here!

Now on with the sketches. I threw in one redline from one of my Tribune strips.

Remember to SWAB every day, young nephew.

April 09, 2006

WEEKEND POST: Oh, here it is.

Remeber I showed you that piece I did for Kurtz a while ago, here it is in color. Done with Prismacolor markers and then cut and laid out on cardstock.

April 05, 2006

DITC: Boogaloo Boomin' in your Benzi Box

Here's an old image from Boogaloo, when I was still trying to find out what the cast would look like. There's a buncha people in there who changed, or who never made the cut. Notice THESAURUS JONES with no High-Top Fade. He was gonna have a hustler cut. Still has the shag, though. . .

March 27, 2006


Seriously, I did the same thing when I got the NES with R.O.B., my new disc-spinning pal. AND the light gun. (This, unfortunately, stalls my love for Mario, because as we know, class - the big NES bundle came with DUCK HUNT and GYROMITE. No SMB for me.)

I lost my freaking mind when I opened that box, and then my mind rolled under the couch when I was sent into my moms room to find a new color TV in her closet to play it on.

I think I'm gonna go call my mother. I think that is still one of my favorite christmasesesesesss.

I feel you, kid. I feel you.

March 20, 2006


Hey. Sorry I fell off. Here's a dood wearing a fly kangol. I also had a birthday last weekend. I'm old now.

February 23, 2006

Do the Dumpty Dump, Do the Dumpty Dump

Aiight, so here's some random stuff from the files. Most are old political strips that I thought were neat in some way, some random sketch and the one of SKULL the troll wasl for my old pally-pal Scott Kurtz. This was a gift for him for giving me a plug on his popular website, pvponline. I colored it and sent him the original, and I think I made a scan of it, but hell if I know where it went.

This was after the London Bombings. This is one of my few favorites of political stuff I've done.

So I'm gonna swing down/up to NYC to the New York Comic-Con this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there.

February 15, 2006


At the beginning of the year, I told alla'yall that DETECTIVE BOOGALOO was coming back, and that's still true - just when I thought it'd be ready was not exactly correct. Just want to let you know that I'm in the lab working on things to really make this shine this time. He's not the only thing I'm bringing back, as I just unearthed my old OLD notes for the third issue of JAMAR CHRONICLES, which made me laugh just by looking at the rough pages.

Well I didn't laugh because the art was so bad, but, well . . . I thought the jokes were funny. NOT the art. Cough. In any event, even if he doesn't think so, my boy L'Jamal Waltons' damning voice is in my head all the time telling me to get this thing done. And I don't want to dissappoint him, and the other 5 of you who want to see another issue of my first comic work.

Also, thanks to all the looks over the last few posts - seeing love like that makes me want to try and update every day. Let's see how that goes.

* You get a JN No-Prize if you tell me where that's from.