February 05, 2007

Get Grosse!


So here's the little book I've been working on - THE GROSSE ADVENTURES VOL 2: Stinky and Stan Blast Off! for Tokyopop.

Tokyopop has a 'young readers' line of chapter books - well, I think it may just be this book and AGENT BOO. Anyway, if you have kids in 3rd-4th grade, get them this.

The first book was illustrated by my main man of height and importance, Mike Norton, and I'm rolling in with 2 and (on my desk now) #3. Props due to Mike, who always looks out like a Eagle Scout on his Paper Route.

Oh yeah - the main hook of the books is about farting. Lots of it.

Go cop it at your local bookstore or amazon. Good luck finding this at your comics shop.

APPEARANCE NOTE: I'll be freezing my nahmean's off at NYC Comic Con at the end of the month promoting the book, so you should be able to see me at the TPop booth getting ignored as soon as people realize I'm not the MBQ Guy*.

* Respect to my man Felipe. Go Buy MBQ! It's dope!

Grosse Art!

A quickie then I'm out - Afternoon Delight!

One of my favorite illos from the book I just worked on from pencils to tones.