November 10, 2006

In Philly tonight? 11/10? OH WORD?! Come see me!

Come see me and other philly cats on the wall!


This show of various artworks is the culmination of a
year's work put forth by the Philadelphia Cartoonist
Society. "Will Draw For Love" is both the namesake of
this eclectic collection of works and the title of the
PCS's sophomore publishing effort. The exhibit will
feature works from more than a dozen of the areas best
cartoonists, with styles ranging from cartoons and
comics to graffiti and fine art. The group consists of
local artists interested in seeing their work
published as well as lending a hand to help local

Being a grassroots, blue-collar organization, the
Philadelphia Cartoonist Society will have these works
priced to sell. Everything from works on canvas to
works on cardboard will be on display. Along with the
art on the walls there will be copies of the PCS Book
1 and 2 as well as solo published efforts from this
group's talented list of members. Furthermore, there
will be holiday cards for sale that were designed
exclusively by PCS members (with some of the card
proceeds benefiting a local children's charity). There
will also be a performance featuring the musical
stylings of Mr. Bob Dix, a longtime PCS member, and an
interactive "jam piece" to commemorate the evening.
All in attendance will be encouraged to participate.
The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society isn't just about
making art and showing it off, it's about helping the
community, reaching out to area artists and rekindling
the creative spirit in everyone.

Show Opening: November 10th from 7pm - 11PM
At Art at Sophi, 13 th and Carpenter Streets

List of artists displaying: Jeffro Kilpatrick,
Christian "Patch"ell, Christine Larsen, Melissa Lomax,
Kyle Margiotta, Jacob Lambert, Amanda Lewis, Andrew
Hart, Mister G, Marc Damicis, Scott Derby, Jamar
Nicholas, Dave Perillo, Tom Whalen, Trip McKeogh, Bob
Dix and Kristy.


The Philadelphia Cartoonist Society (PCS) is a local,
grass-roots group of artists established in 1997.
Their purpose is to keep inspiration for cartooning
flowing between local artists. They do this by
promoting, sharing employment opportunities, and
offering support and advice for local cartoonists.
Philadelphia Cartoonist Society members love to
barbeque and work on group projects. They also love
to help local charities.

Word. Come through and do that damned thing. I think it's free!

November 09, 2006

Pac Man FEVER!

click on the image for BIGGERIZING!

Just wanted to show a series of kraft-paper bag art I put together. You've seen my other bag-pieces, here's some new ish. I took the 5 images of Pac and the ghosts and butted them together.

I'm thinking about making a glossy color print of this soon, so. . .we'll see. What do you think?