September 13, 2008

LEON: Enter my darling Clementine

One of my other fave LEON strips is where I introduce CLEMENTINE JUSTICE, the nosy overachiever one-upper, always-the-last-worder kid from Leon's school, Antonio Hardy Elementary. Clem is the captain of the Hall Monitors, a group you'll see more of as the strip progresses, and maybe more when it opens into new formats. One thing with the monthly strip, is that there's not much room to keep a daily setup since it's one strip a month, you need to keep it fairly open-and-shut, story-wise. That's a lotta hyphens!

As you can see, she also has an admirer, a kid I didn't name, but JUICEBOX sounds good right now.

LEON: Protector of the Playground

Yo yo.

So I've been doing my kids' comic, LEON: PROTECTOR OF THE PLAYGROUND in Delaware County Magazine for close to a year now, and never really got around to putting the strips on my blog. Here's the first one, and I'll post more as I get the second.

I really enjoy Leon, and it gets great reviews from kids and adults alike. I will be at the Baltimore Comic Con at the end of the month, (More info to come) and I will be on a LEON kick while I'm there. Come through and get art!

Here's the first strip. I enjoyed the colors on this one.