May 08, 2006


Ayo, kid - FCBD was TEH AWESOME! I met lots of new friends and fans, and my pals over at Captain Blue Hen do a great job running an event and making the artists feel like gold.

Doing free sketches for the kids is the best part of being able to use this 'ability' that I've worked on - seeing a kid's eyes light up as they watch your magic trick - taking a piece of blank paper and making something happen out of the blue makes it all worth it (See the figure above, who was going insane over the Scarecrow I drew for him).

The kids are definately what fuels me at things like this - it's such a polar opposite of drawing for some collector who just wants to see if you're worth making an ebay auction out of. You can see it in their eyes - they don't care about the magic, it's a commodity, and that sucks. Being at this comic shop last Saturday make me wish that the industry wasn't so bass ackwards.

In any event, more bloggy goodness can be found on my pal Mike Manley's blog and my newer pal and Mike's assistant Bonaia Rosado, who's doing her own thing. (She just had an issue of TMNT just drop, putting tones down over my pal Scott Cohn's art.)