October 02, 2004

The Skull I Drew: Electric Boogaloo

Yo all - what's going on.
Ah yes - Saturdays. The day of sleeping in late, getting up early, chores, sweatpants and sketches!

"I can't live without my RADDIOOOOOOOO"

Working on this for my man Scott Kurtz, for bringing an insane amount of eyes to my project. Col-Erase Blue pencil, and regular, like, pencil over that. Still has some ways to go.

Check out PvP at www.pvponline.com (like you didn't know that already) and a SPECIAL DOOKIE SHOUTOUT goes to my editor in chief over at the 'shoot, CHRIS RYALL, who put the word out about Jamarathon as well! You guys are gonna make me blush. Hey, go to www.moviepoopshoot.com while you're at it. You'll see the site that Chris built, and there's also some comics over there by yours truly.

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