February 14, 2007


Hey ya'll. Happy Valentine's Day and all that. Remember - if your S/O is one of those types that for some reason NEEDS this day to be about them, don't screw it up - that's Not a Good Look.

Following that vein - here's my latest stab at bag art - just for the occasion! Just imagine I'm giving this to you, full of candy and stuff. Make the appropriate gutteral sounds that work for you.

Much love to my man Bill Morton on this one - I think I channeled the power of MORTCO.

And I would be remiss if I didn't post one of my favorite wintry illustrations on a day like today. Reminds me about the childhood dangers of the 'hood in winter. Ain't nobody smiling!

Take it easy. One more week to Comic-Con in Noo Yawk, baby!