November 10, 2015


I have spent the last three seasons creating a daily comic strip. Its name is DETECTIVE BOOGALOO: HIP-HOP COP.  It has run daily in the US Metro newspapers, which are available for your morning commute if you live in Boston, Philadelphia (my hometown), and/or New York City, and also online.  A lot of you live online.

I created this property in 1999 and it ran on a website of filmmaker Kevin Smith for several years, taking on a few forms before, and after that.

In the beginning of this year, I began talks with METRO to feature my property, where I would update remix and retell the Detectives' origin story as a daily, full color strip. I am very proud of this undertaking, and also very proud of my assistant, E Hetrick Jackson, who provides dazzling color for the strip. It is a perfect marriage of my color theory and E's fresh approach to my style, giving it the offbeat care it demands.

After November 11th 2015, DETECTIVE BOOGALOO will cease to run in the METRO. The paper has decided to move in a different creative direction and thus, that's that. 

I have enjoyed the fact that my work has been seen by over 4 million readers a month for close to six months, but we end on an amicable agreement, and I thank all the great people who helped give Boogaloo (or "Hip-Hop Cop" as the paper tagged the strip) the attention and audience I have worked to attain my whole professional life as a cartoonist. I am forever grateful.

The great news is, that the Detective will continue on. Look here for more news and art and strips, and also on Boogaloo's Facebook Fan Page which you can LIKE right now. or the Twitter page, but we'll keep it simple and you can Follow me on my studio account. 

This has been a year of amazing highs and crushing lows, but I will continue to find joy in creating and growing with properties that are mine and alone.

Please, please, join me and seeing the detective off in the Metro tomorrow, and look here for the next dossier briefing of the Long Arms of the Law. I hope to see a healthy portion of those 4 million readers again.


Jamar Nicholas