January 19, 2006

DITC: 40 Winks!


I found this old piece from back in like 98-99, from my old JAMAR CHRONICLES book. This was actually my very first pinup, for my old pal Vince Sneed, who put out a charming book called 40 WINKS who he wrote for, and John Peters drew it. This was a pinup for their comic, and I dunno if it ever saw light of day, but I did do it - I mean, here's the proof right there!

Anyway, my character, JAMAR (me, HA!) with 40 Winks main character Pandora Spocks and the boy pal THE MYSTERIOUS PENUMBRA. I still love his name.

There's a lotta problems with this, but damn, I was just 'happy to be here'.

And I was still using Zipatone.

NOTE: I put this up because of constant pressure of my good pal Rich Faber, one of the greatest doods I know from the comics-verse, and a hella illustrator. GO HIRE HIM. Or at least go look at his art and pay him.

January 16, 2006

DITC (Diggin' In The Crates): Hieroglyphics

Going through my files, this was a pretty fun album cover I did for the Bay Area rap supergroup HIEROGLYPHICS. You may know them if you've heard of Del Tha Funky Homosapien, one of the members, who was also in GORILLAZ and is Ice Cube's cousin.

In any rate, this was for a mixtape they put out a while ago, showing the beatdown on a trustfund kid. OOPS.

I always liked the colors.