September 24, 2004

Getting the ball rolling. . .

Wow. A day or so in, and I've already got 10 days filled on the JAMARATHON October Calendar! I really appreciate it, but let's keep going!

My first benchmark is to fill the whole month of October with commissions... we're off to a great start! This is a great way to get some art, maybe fill in some early holiday gift ideas (Didn't think of that, huh?) help a cause, and watch me run to the finish line without putting on cleats. AWESOME.

APPEARANCE: Fanboy Radio on 9/26
Hey, I'm going to be on Fanboy Radio, the super-hot internet comics radio show created just for covering the world of comics! I'll be on this Sunday, talking about JAMARATHON and getting the word out. Hope you listen in - you may learn something before you're done.

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