July 20, 2006

Diary of a Hot, Mad Cartoonist

WHATTUP WHATTUP. Dap and Bearhugs to my people/s.

Hear ye:

I have come to the conclusion that I have too many internetty outlets. Which sounds great on paper to the guy on the street who would find it 'neat' to be in the connection of things, I have just spread myself a little too thin. For now, in ONE PLACE FOR THE FIRST TIME ONLY, I will list ALL of my internet portals.

1) This Blog.


3) My OLD AS DIRT LiveJournal Account.

4) MySpace.

5) I even have a mailinglist!

6) The Fat Wonder Woman Blog.

7) Sweatshop Press, the original flavor. (Not 'Flava' - come on, it's 2006.)

8) Detective Boogaloo Dot Com.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a place or two, [OH YEAH! I had a friendster account, but ... cough] but I guess when you line it all up - yeah, that's a lot of updating. S0 when juggling all of these things, SOMETHINGS' not gonna get posted to. Thus, this blog going for days or more without an update. So I'll leave it up to you - what would you like to see me put here? LJamal gave me a complex when I put up something that wasn't art-related, so I'll put it out there:

Should I:

1) Post whatever I feel like, like the early posts, such as Jamar stories or 'outlooks on life'

2) JUST my art. That's it. Just sketches and stuff like that.

3) Hip-Hoppery: More YouTube goodness, fake gold chains, etc.

Let me know what you're into, and it'll give me a direction to go towards.

OH! Oh snap!

My man DT Washington, a brother I knew from WAY BACK in the wayback machine, with Waylon Jennings and Marlon and Damon Wayans, sky sky skypaged me and gave me some nice words about my work and did SOME HOT BOOGALOO SKETCHWORK.

Man, it's the greatest feeling when people like something you created so much, they'd put their time into drawing.

Thanks man! Go check out his blog, and we'll Keep Getting Up.