February 10, 2009

Jamar Gets a Book Deal!

The big story of the past season is that I am proud to announce that I will be illustrating a 150+ page graphic adaption of Geoffrey Canada's FIST STICK KNIFE GUN: A Personal History of Violence in America.

You can read more about the acquisition as my publisher, Beacon Press gives some quick PR treatment.

Also here is my first blog post on the Beacon Broadside, Beacon's blog.

I will be posting there during my time creating the book and updating the readers with illustration progress reports. I'm real happy about this, and hope that while you're waiting for me to finish drawing, you snatch up the original memoirs.

I'm very proud to be attached to this project, and hope you check out what Geoff Canada is talking about. If you live in NYC, you probably already know who he is. Peep the Youtoobs. Even the president knows what's up.