April 13, 2006


So my good pal Mike Manley, the Monsignor of Mighty Meticulous Masterworks, just released to the masses the new DRAW! Magazine! #12 is here, and I was lucky enough to interview a great talent, MIKE HAWTHORNE in this issue.

Mike Hawthorne is on the blow-up, currently doing HYSTERIA over at Image Comics and making shit you'd wanna read. That says alot these days.

Anyway, go find the issue and enjoy! Mikes marks my third interview, and It's always a blast talking shop with my peers.

April 10, 2006

SWAB: Sip Water and Build

I came up with that phrase a few years ago when I was at San Diego Comic Con with my home-slice Khalid Robertson AKA BIGSTEELO. When everybody else was trying to wild out like Nick Cannon and get all drunk on 8 dollar hotel beers, Khalid asked me what I wanted to do - how I wanted to treat my evening, and I said, "Man, I'm just trying to Sip my water and build".

That's what I'm trying to do right now - just show some of the art from my drawers of sketches that I have, and give a little insight as to what goes through my crowded head. Love to hear what you think, all 10 of you who come here!

Now on with the sketches. I threw in one redline from one of my Tribune strips.

Remember to SWAB every day, young nephew.

April 09, 2006

WEEKEND POST: Oh, here it is.

Remeber I showed you that piece I did for Kurtz a while ago, here it is in color. Done with Prismacolor markers and then cut and laid out on cardstock.