December 14, 2010

Jamar featured in Philadelphia Daily News (Again)

                                                                                Photo by AUSTIN LEE

I'd like to go on record to say that all the times I've been in the newspaper, it's never been because I killed somebody.

Celebrate with me and read this feature covering FSKG and also some of my background and why I'm doing the work I'm currently involved in.

November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from JN and the COMIC BOOK DINER

I missed Thanksgiving - but the intent is still there!

Head over to my weekly Podcast, COMIC BOOK DINER and check out what myself and John and Rich are doing.

18 episodes are already up since I last spoke about the CBD, so get yourselves caught up - on the site, or subscribe for FREE on iTunes!

November 24, 2010

Fist Stick Knife Gun in December 2010 EBONY MAGAZINE

Look for my book in the Holiday Buyer's Guide section of this month's EBONY MAGAZINE. Buy it now! Then go buy my book! It makes a great gift for someone in your life who needs to make better choices, or for those who need to understand that life isn't as easy as they may think.

November 15, 2010

Indie Cred All-Star Redux

I have been asked to be in a group show with several of the creme de la creme of indy comics at the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia. The show will be on view until next year, so you have no excuse. Click the link to see my name with several others.

I can't wait!


Comic Book Culture Invades the Art World
NOV 19, 2010 - JAN 16, 2011
Opening reception: Friday, November 19, 7 – 9 pm  Members only preview 6 - 7 pm
For a press release, click here.
PARTY CRASHERS mashes up comic art and contemporary gallery culture, and features artists who pass back and forth between the two worlds. This massive two venue show results from a crosstown collaboration between AAC Director of Exhibitions Jeffry Cudlin and Artisphere Gallery Director Cynthia Connolly. The show’s two independent halves feature different types of work: Connolly’s show presents fine artists who mimic the appearance of comic art; Cudlin’s show at AAC contains: alternative comic artists who also show their original pages and drawings in art galleries; fine and comic artists working side-by-side on a national curated project (Creative Time Comics); and fine and comic artists creating avante-garde, purely abstract sequential art without words or recognizable imagery.

August 19, 2010

Deviant Art

I've been hesitant for years to be active on Deviant Art, an online "Facebook for Artists", but after some hand-wringing I decided to give in.

At the top of my blog, you can see a slideshow with images that I currently have in my gallery on DA. It's a quick way to see some of my work without the need to fistfight through navigation here.

Hope you check me out.

August 18, 2010


image: John Jennings

I've had the good fortune of being featured in the new amazing coffee table book, 
That's a mouthful, but what you see here is a snapshot of what authors John Jennings and Damian Duffy saw as a missing piece in the comic book puzzle: where the voices of African American cartoonists were and if they're being heard. 

Maybe you've never thought about where the black indy comics folk are, but now you can. I'm honored to be in such company. 

The book is on sale and available at Amazon, so scoop it up!
Also, check out some of the other fine work John and Damian are responsible for.

August 08, 2010


My good pals Rich Faber, John Gallagher and I have started a new podcast called the COMIC BOOK DINER. Find out from three guys who've been around the comics industry in different avenues for years and listen to us talk shop and go over the ins and outs of being in the comic book industry.

This isn't a "Who's stronger? Hulk or Thing?" podcast - there's none of that stuff here. No Comic Book Reviews - this is news you can use if you are trying to get into the comics industry, or already exist in it.

New episode of COMIC BOOK DINER is up live! Listen at the site or on iTunes. Let me know what you think.

February 28, 2010


FIST STICK KNIFE GUN: Pre-Order it now on

Been away for some time and I'm slowly making my way back onto the information superhighway - I'm taking my time to merge, and checking the GPS frequently so I don't get lost this time.

My publisher, Beacon Press has released the cover for my book! It's already listed on Amazon, as well as some other places. Pre-Order a copy now! The book hits the streets in October, but I have to bang pots in the street now. No time like the present.

Check in frequently, as I update you to the progress my book is taking, and also events I'll be at. Since I've posted last, I've created a Facebook Page, since it seems that most of civilization is hanging around there - you can follow me on that thing, and I'm going to try and keep the content different from here. I honestly don't want MORE places to have to try and keep track of - that's a huge part of the reason I took the internet vacation in the first place, but I have this new book to promote, so I don't mind as much right now.

I will be appearing on the First Person Arts' WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT panel on March 9, 2010. Tickets are on sale so go see me live and on stage! I will be talking about the process of adapting a memoir into a sequential narrative format and will be using big words.

I've also had a handful of interviews in the past week, so I'll update you to those as I see them.

It's good to see you again!