January 15, 2007

That's A Good Look, Bro.

So I switched up the blog, and even though it's a little dotty - it's on-point. It feels good, so that's what's up.

Look to the left for more linkage and a snapshot on what I'm up to.

And that's word.

January 14, 2007

Now Ask Yourself Homeboy, WHY IS THAT?!

So what's good, everybody?

Happy New Year and all that. Don't eat that, my man - you gotta watch your diet. I see you over there!

I'm over here trying out some new publishing tools. It may help me blog more often. (or not)

Just to give you guys a heads up - you should be able to pick up my latest thing, I've been working on a chapter series for publisher Tokyopop, and the new book that just came out, THE GROSSE ADVENTURES VOL 2: STINKY AND STAN BLAST OFF! and the drawin's by me.

The first volume is by your pal and mine and friend of squirrels, Mike Norton. The second is by me.

Since this is a chapterbook for 3rd-4th graders, don't be shocked - this ain't a big eyed blood and swords tale. But there's lots of farting.

Yeah, farting. It's really funny too. I wish they made stuff like this when i was in the 4th grade.

So tell me if you see it out there. Word.

See ya around!

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