October 19, 2004

new sketches!

So here's two roughs from the weekend. One was the Saturday Sailor Moon for Jeff, and there was a secret squirrel for Sunday that I'm not gonna show. Today was a monkey for my pal Steve.

Sailor Moon drove me crazy. I fixed the eyes (DAMN THOSE EYES!) in the final. Idunno how the anime types draw those wacky eyes all day, man.

She is the one named SAILOR MOON!
. . . .
This monkey is well-read. You can tell.
I have another secret squirrel for today (Tuesday) but I'll be back today to put SOMETHING up.
Oh yeah - 8 slots still open! Give me an email and let's close out October right with art!

1 comment:

Jeff said...

So Awesome!

Thanks for all the work, and good luck with everything!