September 29, 2004

Some sketchbook stuff, + Props Due

First off, thanks to my boys Mike Wieringo, the super artist of Marvels Fantastic Four and everything else that is right and good in the world, as well as Scott Kurtz, the mad scientist behind PvP, who dropped a link on their readers to check this project out. Also big ups to everybody who's been linking me up, like my ace Fabricari, over at, Comic-doms' first Deb, Kelly Sue at her personal site, Mike Norton, the master of the pencil, and artist from the future, and everybody else who's been getting the word out. RUN-ON SENTENCES! The first of the month is coming fast! And you know what THAT means.

Since a lot of you have never seen my hip-hop & graffiti-inspired stuff, I decided I'd drop a few sketchbook things off here. Here's some marker sketches done just to do them.

Link from Legend of Zelda, for you gamers out there.

Check out some of the cats who have dedicated to help me get the JAMARATHON off the ground:
More soon!

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