February 15, 2006


At the beginning of the year, I told alla'yall that DETECTIVE BOOGALOO was coming back, and that's still true - just when I thought it'd be ready was not exactly correct. Just want to let you know that I'm in the lab working on things to really make this shine this time. He's not the only thing I'm bringing back, as I just unearthed my old OLD notes for the third issue of JAMAR CHRONICLES, which made me laugh just by looking at the rough pages.

Well I didn't laugh because the art was so bad, but, well . . . I thought the jokes were funny. NOT the art. Cough. In any event, even if he doesn't think so, my boy L'Jamal Waltons' damning voice is in my head all the time telling me to get this thing done. And I don't want to dissappoint him, and the other 5 of you who want to see another issue of my first comic work.

Also, thanks to all the looks over the last few posts - seeing love like that makes me want to try and update every day. Let's see how that goes.

* You get a JN No-Prize if you tell me where that's from.