October 19, 2004

Jamar and Matt for Fabricari!

WHEW! A breather!

Sorry I haven't been more chatty on here - I've been running round for the last few weeks going insane (In a good way) Sometimes art is harder to produce when you're not in the right mindframe, and you really have to warm up or be properly motivated to get things moving. I had a good night last night, and I feel good, so here's some blahblah.

For all of you new Jamar types out there, When I first got into publishing comics, my first book was called THE JAMAR CHRONICLES, the story of myself, on a mission to save the world through dimensional world-saving escapdes. The dimensional 'key' was a talking doormat named, well, Matt. I swear to god Dora the Explorer ripped my stuff off, with the talking Map, and the backpack and all that, but you know how it is - it's 'coincidence'. JC started in 97 - there wasn't any Dora then.

Ahem. Well anyway, here's a lil rough of me and Matt - all cartooned out for my man Fabricari. Go check fab out at www.comicsindependent.com or www.fabricari.com - he's one of my good close personal friends. THANKS FAB!

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