April 10, 2006

SWAB: Sip Water and Build

I came up with that phrase a few years ago when I was at San Diego Comic Con with my home-slice Khalid Robertson AKA BIGSTEELO. When everybody else was trying to wild out like Nick Cannon and get all drunk on 8 dollar hotel beers, Khalid asked me what I wanted to do - how I wanted to treat my evening, and I said, "Man, I'm just trying to Sip my water and build".

That's what I'm trying to do right now - just show some of the art from my drawers of sketches that I have, and give a little insight as to what goes through my crowded head. Love to hear what you think, all 10 of you who come here!

Now on with the sketches. I threw in one redline from one of my Tribune strips.

Remember to SWAB every day, young nephew.


Scott Neely said...

So when's Jamar Chronicles #3 coming out??????
Just kidding. I love ya anyway!

Mike M said...

I am one of the 10!

I love the kelp or beanstalk dude

Will Rosado said...

gangsta parappa stole my wallet.

Jamar said...


Thanks for the Kudos. I can't eat those anymore, because they make me gassy.

brakdown said...

im glad i came and checked this out! i wanted to see more of your work and heck darn it here it is! i love your flowy lines, so vibrant and alive!!

check ya later!


Jamar said...


Good lookin' out! Keep coming back!

alan brown said...

Wow Jamar, I really like all your sketches, especially the woman with her hand up and the the heads underneath her. I keep trying to bite off of the way you color your characters and backgrounds in your sketches in my sketchbook. I did a drawing of Detective Boogaloo I thought you may like, it's on my blogger page.

Jamar said...

ALAN: Thanks my man! Catch the wave!