May 31, 2006

DITC: DJ Clueless and the perils of Freelancing

Here's some old stuff I did for a music magazine called... um... man, I don't remember what it was called. [Oh yeah, DJ MIXED Magazine. Sez so in my files] All I DO remember is this:

1) I never saw the issue of the magazine when it came out

2) It took them FOREVER + 1 day to pay me.

After I threatened to sic my 'legal representation' on them, they finally coughed up my check. Needless to say I never did more work for them, but thems, unfortunately, are the breaks. It stinks when you do good, QUICK work for clients, then they get all new up on you and forget to pay YOU! The light bill ain't gonna pay itself. I DO remember drawing this on Christmas Eve and Day, because the client NEEDED NEEDED NEEDED IT quickfast. Freelancers don't get vacations, my man. Remember that.

In any event, this was a wordless comic showing our hero going to the music seminar, trying to break into the world of professional (club and turntablism) DJs, and meeting DJ CARL COX, a pretty big fish in the DJ world.

Some of it I thought was funny - most of it has 'huh' moments from the clients script for it, and I was too young to try to help him figure out how to make it flow better. I did what I could and got out of there.

Also at the end here, I added the 'sleeping on the beach' panels from 1 page, as I took them after I did them all and digitally rearranged them. I always liked them. So if you see something repeated, that's why.


Fabricari said...

These are great. It's a shame you nearly got robbed for some hard work you put into those pages. And on Christmas Eve - sheesh.

Jamar said...

Thanks Faboo!

And yeah, funny thing is - the more I do this stuff, the more I forgot I did it. It really is painful for a minute and then it goes away.

I did enjoy the process though - just wish I didn't have to bring the pages with me to visit my mother in another state.

Rich Faber said...
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Rich Faber said...

Nice work, J!

I know how you feel about the non-paying clients. Bummer, but you did a great job.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Great pages, Jamar! Always dig your work!