March 27, 2006


Seriously, I did the same thing when I got the NES with R.O.B., my new disc-spinning pal. AND the light gun. (This, unfortunately, stalls my love for Mario, because as we know, class - the big NES bundle came with DUCK HUNT and GYROMITE. No SMB for me.)

I lost my freaking mind when I opened that box, and then my mind rolled under the couch when I was sent into my moms room to find a new color TV in her closet to play it on.

I think I'm gonna go call my mother. I think that is still one of my favorite christmasesesesesss.

I feel you, kid. I feel you.


ljamal said...

I feel robbed. I thought I was getting some jdot goodness and I get a movie of some kid and his N64.

You owe me, jdot. You owe.

Jamar said...

Damn, they can't all be winners. CAN'T I SHARE IN DIFFERENT WAYS?! Must it all be drawings? MUST IT?!

. . . Aiight I'll find something for ya.

Will Rosado said...

that's funny.. I never went crazy for a console but i did go nuts for weeble wobbles! I got a pic somewhere..

Jamar said...

SWAYZE: I lost my mind.

Will Rosado said...

just watched it again.. man... i wish I could be happy like that about something these days. Those kids were in pure joy mode.

Bonaia said...

I remember getting my first nintendo. That completely gave me flashbacks. I can't stop laughing. I almost pissed myself.