May 27, 2006


* Translated into how you're supposed to order a Cheesesteak with Cheese Wiz and Onions in a fine south philly establishment.

Steak = The sandwich you want.

Wiz = Cheese Wiz. Replace 'Wiz' with 'Provolone' if you prefer.

With, or better said 'Wit' = Onions. WITH onions, or Wit'out is NO onions. Come on, you're almost there!
This image is suspect. I believe it was shot at a reputable establishment, but the photographer must be from out of town. no one eats them from the side like that.

As a philadelphian, for what it's worth, an authentic one is supposed to be ordered from under a yellow light, from a window you walk up to. Your local Hardee's or SubWay does NOT make Philly Cheesesteaks. Don't freaking kid yourself.

World's Finest (Like Supes and Bats up here) can be found at these shows. You gotta love 'em though. And it's not that bad. Philly doesn't crawl with the costumed types because they'd be fighting FOR REAL on the Orange Line trying to get to the show in one piece. That's how we do in the 2-1-5.

OH! Also, Wiz World Philly is what me and my people call the Wizard World show that'll be in town next weekend, where you shall see yours truly. I won't be set up, but as usual, if you see me, and want a sketch, I'll do one for you by bogarting someone elses table and sitting right on their girl to do it. I'm just that nice.

Some dood made a song about cheesesteaks. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
. And just in case you wanted to know, go to Tony Lukes. Pat & Geno's is for the drunk and desperate.

And don't ever forget - you order fries from the next window, Not here.


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Tom Holzerman said...

Looks like someone circumvented the word verification :p

Anyhoo... I agree. Pat's and Geno's are tourist steaks. Your corner pizzeria makes them much better.

But I don't do Tony Luke's. I like them better for the Chicken Italiano. I'm partial to John's Roast Pork's and Jim's steaks if my dad's not making them at home.

Justin said...

No comment...but, DAMN, now I'm hungry.