August 03, 2008

You can get with this/You can't get with that

It's been a while between posts, so here's something to gnaw on:

I just deleted my Myspace account.

I just deleted my LiveJournal account.

More to follow. Soon, there will be only a few places on the intenerds to find my updates. Simplification is the New Black. Get up on that.



samax said...

now you will have more time to comment on my blog!

Rob said...

I think I'll get with this, 'cause this is kind of phat.

I understand simplification - it's why I started updating my blog in WordPress... and just letting it crosspost to LJ-land. And I'm still not 100% sure why I haven't dropped MySpace yet. *shrug* Oh, well.

All the best with the streamlining.

The lj user still known to some as shadorunr

Bobby Timony said...

Soon you'll be so unencumbered, you'll just float away...

Jamar said...

SAMAX: I'll be doing more than that! [||]

ROB: What's up man!
Yeah, having all of this stuff in the water was holding me back. Got more dead weight to brush off my shoulders. . .

BOBBY: I'm working on my float-fu as we speak.