January 19, 2006

DITC: 40 Winks!


I found this old piece from back in like 98-99, from my old JAMAR CHRONICLES book. This was actually my very first pinup, for my old pal Vince Sneed, who put out a charming book called 40 WINKS who he wrote for, and John Peters drew it. This was a pinup for their comic, and I dunno if it ever saw light of day, but I did do it - I mean, here's the proof right there!

Anyway, my character, JAMAR (me, HA!) with 40 Winks main character Pandora Spocks and the boy pal THE MYSTERIOUS PENUMBRA. I still love his name.

There's a lotta problems with this, but damn, I was just 'happy to be here'.

And I was still using Zipatone.

NOTE: I put this up because of constant pressure of my good pal Rich Faber, one of the greatest doods I know from the comics-verse, and a hella illustrator. GO HIRE HIM. Or at least go look at his art and pay him.


ljamal said...

I sure loved me some Jamar Chronicles! When's issue #3 coming out?

Jamar said...

As soon as I finish your pinups.:)

Derby said...

I love Zipatone! Wish I could find me some...