October 17, 2005

EYE! FEEL! GOOD! . . .


Come on you people - if you don't know that's an old L.L. joint, turn in your hip-hop hallpass.

Man, does THIS bring back memories. I had almost this whole deal, 'cept the blonde eyebrow.
Some lady on the train, who looked like she was having the worst day of her life every day of her life.


Marqas said...

Yo, cat, that's hot. In keepin' with the hip-hop spirit, Check this out. Word. P.S. We gotta do diner breakfast some time soon! I'll put a link on The Blog for the newly resurrected Jamar Nicholas Blog (a.k.a., J-Rock!)

Fabricari said...

These are great. Just wanted to drop in to tell you I'm reading. :D