January 08, 2008

Some Full Page Action in Delaware County Magazine

Well the posting schedule begins, and we're rolling through it with no bumps.

For you on the other side of the world (or state) who can't get their hands on a copy of this month's Delaware County Magazine, you'll be missing the debut of my new comic strip LEON: PROTECTOR OF THE PLAYGROUND, and also you'd be missing a nice article that was done on me for the occasion. It's a nice piece, tho some things were quoted a little fuzzy, it's awesome nevertheless! Big shout outs to my man Scott Neely, my man Marc Manley who takes the best pictures of my goofy face, and also to the interviewer, Tom Leavy, who was a great guy. I hope we cross paths again soon.

Click on it to get a fullsize view!

1 comment:

Marc Manley said...

Good lookin', cousin. I'm glad to see you soakin' up some lime light. Next we must combine!